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Communicating with confidence is something all learners of a new language desire.  We’ll make it worth your time, effort, and investment to learn English online with Cursor Way ESL Services.

Whether you’re just learning English or simply want to improve your language skills, we can assist you.   The lead instructor is a native English speaker from the United States with certification to teach English as a second language.

Adult learners, educators, and organizations from around the globe are invited to enjoy our language services.  

Flexible & Fun

We’ll develop a learning plan that focuses on YOUR language goals, resulting in a more

enjoyable experience.

You’ll have online access to learning resources in English–and some in English/Spanish.

Learner at computerI enjoy learning English!


  • Private classes and tutoring online:

    You’ll have the instructor’s full attention, and lessons will be tailored to address your English language needs.  

  • Live conversations with native English speakers:

    Talking with English speakers is essential for reaching fluency.  And it’s the best part of learning!

  • Instant scoring of homework and quizzes:

    No waiting days or weeks to get grades and feedback.  With instant scoring and answers, you can immediately identify your strengths and weaknesses in the learning process.