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Frequently Asked Questions


Are services and classes only available in the United States?:  We welcome adult learners, educators, and organizations from around the world as customers.  Find out more about us.  Also visit us on YouTube.

Are the instructors certified to teach English to non-native speakers?:  Yes.  Certification in TEFL, TESL, or TESOL ensures that we follow standard and effective teaching methodologies.

Is interaction online or in person?:  We offer online English language services.  So interaction and activities will be through a convenient internet platform.  For adults and organizations located in our geographic area, in-person tutoring, instruction, and language training may be an option.

What are the technical requirements?:  A computer with a reliable internet connection is recommended.  Please review the Technical Checklist for more details.

Do your ESL classes count toward credit requirements for schools or universities?:  No.  But our classes and services are perfect for those seeking self-improvement or for adults wanting personalized and private instruction.

Are activities and interaction bilingual?:  Typically, activities and interaction will be in the target language of English.
That said, the lead instructor is currently learning Spanish. So English and Spanish can occasionally be used for classes and conversations.

Why learn another language?:  There are many opinions about the benefits of speaking multiple languages.  But we think Italian film director Federico Fellini summed it up best: “A different language is a different vision of life.”

How do I get more information?:  Please review the pages of this website, or visit the Contact Us page to send a message.