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Communicating with confidence is something all learners of a new language desire.  We’ll make it worth your time, effort, and investment to learn English online with Cursor Way ESL Services℠.

Whether you’re just learning English or simply want to improve your language skills, we can assist you.   The lead instructor is a native English speaker from the United States with certification to teach English as a second language.

Adult learners, educators, and organizations from around the globe are invited to enjoy our language services.  

Flexible & Fun

We’ll develop a learning plan that focuses on YOUR language goals, resulting in a more

enjoyable experience.

You’ll have online access to learning resources in English–and some in English/Spanish.

Learner at computerI enjoy learning English!


  • Private classes and tutoring online:

    You’ll have the instructor’s full attention, and lessons will be tailored to address your English language needs.  

  • Live conversations with native English speakers:

    Talking with English speakers is essential for reaching fluency.  And it’s the best part of learning!

  • Instant scoring of homework and quizzes:

    No waiting days or weeks to get grades and feedback.  With instant scoring and answers, you can immediately identify your strengths and weaknesses in the learning process.